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As well as being the leading provider of post-qualification legal CPD in Scots Law, CLT Scotland is also responsible for the development, and delivery of a vast range of specialist training which span the legal and corporate sectors:

  • Specialist Qualifications - Practical, specialist legal courses for paralegals, non-legally qualified professionals and solicitors returning to an unfamiliar practice area in both Scots & English law

  • PEAT - Training which complies with the new Professional Education And Training requirements (PEAT 1 and PEAT 2).

  • Intra UK Transfer Test - The Intra-UK Transfer Test which allows solicitors qualified in England, Wales & Northern Ireland to qualify in Scots Law.

With CLT Scotland, you are choosing training with an excellent professional, academic and vocational heritage, taught by leading experts in the legal field.

For more information, click on the links for the detailed course pages or contact us.